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Posted on: April 17, 2019


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At a recent all-staff meeting, several exemplary staff members were recognized by their Area Directors for their service to the organization and our wonderful Club kids.


Sarah Agan

  • Program Staff at Salmon Bay Elementary
  • Years at the Club: 3 as staff, 10 as a member
  • About Sarah: “Sarah is our on-site sports genius. We have a large population of sports fans at our Club, and nobody can talk at length with kids about sports the way Sarah can. She is always in a good mood, and her fellow staff members can rely on her to do what she says she’s going to do.” -Meghan Sweet, Area Director


Mitchell Allen

  • Education Coordinator at Federal Way
  • Years at the Club: 3
  • What’s Mitchell’s secret to connecting with kids?: “I listen to what the kids want… Some of the most successful activities and programs I’ve run come from listening to what [the kids] are curious about and expanding on that so they have something familiar, but not too familiar to bite into.”


Sigrid Batara

  • Licensed Program Director at Smilow Rainier Vista
  • Years at Club: 2
  • “When I need a happy moment, I step away from the office and go on the floor — the kiddos never fail to give me a smile. They give love so quickly by acknowledging me with a huge, smile, wave or a ‘Hi, Ms. Sigrid!’ I melt every time!”


Will Dudley

  • Program Director at Bagley Elementary
  • Years at the Club: 2
  • Why Will likes working at Boys & Girls Clubs: “Getting youth excited about being part of a community.”


Keller Ewing

  • Athletic Director at Rotary
  • Years at the Club: 2
  • “I love working for Boys & Girls Clubs because I feel like I am making an impact on someone every day I go to work!”


Annie Faletogo

  • Program Staff at Southwest
  • Years at the Club: 18
  • About Annie: “Annie is one of the most consistent, caring, and dedicated staff members, not just at Southwest, but throughout the entire organization. She is the ultimate team player.” – LonZell Hill, Area Director


Casey Hewes

  • Education Director at Kirkland
  • Years at the Club: 2
  • What’s Casey’s secret to connecting with kids?: “Something I call ‘the why’. Kids need structure to learn and grow but they will not invest in any structure if they don’t know or understand ‘the why’ behind it.”


James Innelli

  • Licensed Program Director at B. F. Day Elementary
  • Years at the Club: 3
  • “It’s electrifying to see our youth problem-solve, make friends, and grow day-to-day and year-to-year.”


Ramsey Jester

  • Assistant Director at Olympic Hills Elementary
  • Years at the Club: 1
  • “Having a child beg to stay a little longer to finish an activity or overhearing them talk about today’s activity to a parent at pick-up is how you know you are providing a quality program.”


Devon Katzenberger

  • Operations Director at North Seattle
  • Years at the Club: 5
  • What is Devon’s favorite program?: “Keystone and CIT (counselor-in-training) programs. [By] giving teens roles of leadership, we are helping them build skills that they are going to need, and [they gain] confidence in themselves.”


Lily Mabbott

  • HR Systems Administrator
  • Years at the Club: 6
  • Why Lily likes working at Boys & Girls Clubs: “I’ve always been drawn to our character-building program for middle school girls called, Smart Girls. The teen staff and I have always been given freedom in tailoring the program to best fit our girls’ ever-changing needs. Working in HR, I still get to volunteer at the Ballard Club with the teen program. I absolutely love it!”


Charlotte Malone

  • Licensed Program Director at North Beach Elementary
  • Years at the Club: 3
  • About Charlotte: “[Charlotte] is sunny and good-natured all the time, even when she has to deal with staffing shortages, kid meltdowns, pretty much anything.” – Meghan Sweet, Area Director


Jen Marron

  • Assistant Director at Sacajawea Elementary
  • Years at the Club: 1
  • What’s Jen’s secret to connecting with kids?: “To never forget what it feels like to be a kid. If you start thinking too much like a grown-up and forget what it felt like when you were a kid, then you will never totally understand where they’re coming from.”


Luke Padgett

  • Licensed Program Director at B. F. Day Elementary
  • Years at the Club: 8
  • About Luke: “[Luke] has been able to leave his own special stamp on the Club by introducing the kids to some of his own passions and hobbies — he started a very popular hockey program with the kids and can be found playing the piano in the Club’s main room. He has always been very popular with the school staff and parents due to his easy demeanor and friendly smile. He’s always laughing.” – Jamie Heil, Area Director


TJ Parry

  • Athletic Director at Ballard
  • Years at the Club: 1.5
  • About TJ: “All of the Ballard staff are really strong and most of them have been there for many years. The fact that TJ was able to jump in and acclimate so quickly, gaining everyone’s respect along the way, speaks volumes as to his character and extreme competence.” – Meghan Sweet, Area Director


Eric Patrick

  • Youth Development Professional at Northgate Elementary
  • Years at the Club: 1
  • Why Eric likes working at Boys & Girls Clubs: “Witnessing kids believing in themselves, trusting in themselves, feeling proud of themselves, being engaged, being respectful, having an opportunity to grow, and encouraging and interacting with other kids and their counselors.”


Caitlin Relyea

  • Senior Program Director at Kirkland
  • Years at the Club: 4
  • About Caitlin: “When our kids walk into the Club, [Caitlin] is their biggest champion. Really believing in our mission of being there for any child, Caitlin is the person who will go above anything asked of her to ensure that our kids are safe and happy.” – Jamie Heil, Area Director


Jake Rivera

  • Program Director at Sammamish
  • Years at the Club: 2.5
  • About Jake: “He cares about more than just his kids and programs — always thinking about how to improve things for others. He challenges everyone to be better with his intelligence and wit.” – Jamie Heil, Area Director


Dan Sendelbach

  • Director at View Ridge
  • Years at the Club: 3
  • Why Dan likes working at Boys & Girls Clubs: “Watching kids excel at a skill they previously didn’t even know existed.”


Becky Shaddle

  • Operations Director at Mercer Island
  • Years at the Club: 10
  • What is Becky’s favorite program?: Basketball



Ryan Sodora

  • Youth Development Professional at Redmond Elementary
  • Years at the Club: 2.5
  • About Ryan: “Every day Ryan shows up for the kids and is actively engaged with them. Numerous times this past year, we have asked for flexibility from the staff. Every time, Ryan is willing and able to accommodate for whatever the Club and kids need.” – Jamie Heil, Area Director


Kara Spoelstra

  • Assistant Program Director at Ballard
  • Years at the Club: 3
  • About Kara: “[Kara] is the perfect mix of meticulously organized and incredibly laid back. She is fun and creative, but only to the degree of keeping the Club running like a well-oiled machine.” – Meghan Sweet, Area Director


Maggie Sullivan

  • Assistant Licensed Program Director at Carson Elementary
  • Years at the Club: 1
  • “I approach my work with a positive attitude and a can-do spirit. I do my best to be a good example for the kids and try to embody our Boys & Girls Club mission daily in the work that I do.”


Cat Thompson

  • Operations Director at Bainbridge Island
  • Years at the Club: 3
  • “I enjoy Art programs with the kids. I love to watch their imagination go to work, hear the stories behind their creations and the excitement of discovering how to do something new.”


Congratulations to all the All-Stars and a big THANK YOU for all that you do!


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