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About Bill Burton


Bill Burton’s vision and commitment was a driving force to expanding the Rainier Vista Club into the impressive community hub and “second home” so many youth know it to be today.


Originally from the Rainier Vista neighborhood, Bill became the Area Director for the Rainier Vista Boys & Girls Club in 1980. Bill showed a fierce determination to empower local youth and build their confidence to thrive in all aspects of life.


Over the next twenty-plus years, Bill worked tirelessly, fundraising with public and private entities to build up the once humble and rundown Club into a sprawling community center, now three times its original size.


Thanks to Bill, the Rainier Vista Club now welcomes over 175 youth from the neighborhood every day in a wide range of programs; and the positive mentorship he championed at the Club allows members to build relationships and unlock the gifts and passions they’ll use to change the world.


According to Miss Denise, Operations Director at the Club, “Bill has inspired me to continue to work in the Youth Development field for over 37 years, and he is still mentoring me today!”


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Making the Club Inclusive for All

Making Club programs accessible to everyone in the Rainier Vista community was a top priority of Bill’s during his time with the organization and continues to be a priority at the Club today.


On average, the Club gets scholarship requests of $50,000 per year. We aim to ease that burden for the Club in Bill’s name so that operational funds that would go to this scholarship need can instead go toward programs, staff, and building maintenance.


If, like Bill, you believe that all youth deserve a place to be safe, have fun, and learn alongside their peers, then fill out the form below to make a gift!

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