Salmon Bay’s Torch Club Project: Staff of the Season

Posted on: December 17, 2018


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The Salmon Bay Boys & Girl’s Club’s first Torch Club (mini-club focused on community service) project is a staff appreciation award developed by the youth. Dubbed “Staff of the Season”, this youth-run program has the entire Club vote on which staff member they want to honor that season (fall, winter, or spring) based on different categories.

Pictured above: the ballot box where youth vote for the Staff of the Season (constructed and decorated by Torch Club members)

This season, the three categories selected by the Torch Club members are artistic, sportsmanship, and snazziness.

Torch Club members are 100% responsible for running this program, including collecting ballots from Club members, organizing a ceremony for the staff, writing and giving a speech at that ceremony, and developing prizes for the winning staff member. The prize is a hand-made certificate and the choice to either be a Club member for a day, or pie a willing Club member in the face!

The votes are in, and we’re very pleased to announce that, for fall, the artistic staff of the season is our counselor Simon! Congratulations Simon!

Pictured above (left to right): counselor Simon C., Torch Club member Amara S. (4th grade), and Torch Club member Lili M. (4th grade)

Simon selected to pie our Youth of the Month in the face, since our Youth of the Month Lila opted to pie Simon in the face, so the Staff of the Season and the Youth of the Month got to pie each other!

Pictured above (left to right): 4th/5th grade counselor and Staff of the Season Simon C. and Youth of the Month Lila B. pie-ing each other as their prizes for their awards.

Click here for more information about Torch Club, or contact Salmon Bay’s Assistant Director Amelia Reynolds with questions or comments.


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