Mikayla is going to the NBA Math Hoops National Championship!

Posted on: April 22, 2019



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We’re super, super happy to announce that one of our North Seattle Club members, Mikayla, was chosen to represent the Boys & Girls Clubs of King County at the 2019 NBA Math Hoops National Championship!

NBA Math Hoops is a board game and curriculum that helps kids learn math and interpersonal skills through the game of basketball. It’s a great program that has helped kids see the value and fun in math, and it’s loved by kids and staff alike! In partnership with the Seattle Storm, NBA Math Hoops is now part of Boys & Girls Clubs of King County!

The 2019 NBA Math Hoops National Championship will take place in Oakland this year and we’re so proud to be sending one of our very own to compete.

Mikayla has been a member of our Club for years and she truly has put in a lot of practice and work to get to this point. We’re super thankful for the staff, fellow members, and community that have provided support along the way!

We’re so proud of her and all the other members at the Club and county that have been participating in NBA Math Hoops. We can’t wait to see where it goes!


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